Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful Backsplashes

Kitchens are looking so gorgeous these days that there's really no excuse not to cook. If you're a sucker for kitchen gadgets like me, getting your storage design right in a kitchen is paramount and more is always better. The choice of your cabinets should go with the overall furnishing of your house and the tabletop should be of a good quality material that can withstand plenty of wear and tear. The kitchen is my favourite room in the entire house and I'm definitely going to cover more on this in the very near future. 

Meanwhile, lets take a look at an often neglected part of the kitchen - the backsplash. It's one of the most vital components of the kitchen that is purpose built to catch spluttering grease and grit from the action of cooking. There are so many more choices other than stainless steel and tinted blue glass. Get creative and make a statement!

Girls and real men wear pink. Decoristas adorn their kitchens with it.
via Cabbage Rose

If pink is too much, try a more subtle and elegant material like tinted mirror.

Marble is an old time classic that will keep looking good.
via Metropolitan Home

Black and white wallpaper covered with clear glass.
via The Design Files

Joseph Frank wallpaper looks gorgeous anywhere including the backsplash.

How about a little Chanel in your kitchen - quilted stainless steel.
via Design Addict Mom

* Some images are from unknown sources. Please email me if it belongs to you and I'd be happy to credit you for it.

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