Friday, November 25, 2011

Dream Loft

Lofts give me the feeling of uber coolness that I am the opposite of. Never really one to be in top control of how I speak and behave, it's inevitable that my home is pretty much a reflection of my character. There are a riot of colours everywhere and though I own a Scandinavian style furniture store, my home is free from any themes. The dining room is modern primitive, living room is Danish (somewhere between mid-century and modern), kitchen is mostly modern with mocha coloured glass cabinets and the rest of the house is undecided as I take my time to furnish it.

This loft apartment in Ukraine is an exception. There is everything to love about it. Each section of the house is well defined and every detail is a clean match to the whole.
The open concept living and dining room -  note the wall hanging of plants

The dining table extends from the kitchen island which I think is very convenient for everyday dining. Those chairs are super cool and it looks pretty light, another plus point for practicality. The blackboard contrasts beautifully to the concrete and wooden palettes.
Dining room
Just in case you're wondering what those holes in the wall are for, it's to store wine...what an ingenious idea!
Wine storage

Perfect combination of materials - louvered ceiling, open brick wall and solid wood flooring.
Dining room close up

A bright red container is a brilliant way to bring industrial cool into the house...given that your ceiling's big enough to accommodate. This red beauty houses a powder room.
Container in the house

It's all in the details. A spotlight that shines into the centre pillar of the house. What may have deemed an architectural flaw now takes center stage. The television is recessed into the feature clever!
View from the upper floor

A tranquil family room facing the living green wall and a recessed marine tank. More clever lighting desigsn here.
The family room

The kid's room is equally impressive and cool. Cool parents raise cool kids I suppose?
Kid's room

And I saved the best for last...this amazing view from the patio.
Patio - day
Patio - night

* All images are from the Contemporist. To see more images of this loft, please click here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moss Wall Hangings

If you have ever been to a part of a forest with moss-covered floors and trees, you'll know that feeling of serenity, calm and coolness. I imagine the Garden of Eden to be like this.

The softness of moss that's like nature's carpet is so beautiful that contemporary designers have taken it as inspiration in their work. It's really a wonderful way of bringing something green into an urban space instead of growing plants or trees. I'm hoping to see some of KL's concrete walls covered in moss soon.
Moss covered walls by Norwegian design studio Pushak via Craft:

Moss Room restaurant, California via Metropolis Mag

Moss growing on volcanic rock wall, Iceland via Lushe

Letter B made of moss via Mamateur

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