Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moss Wall Hangings

If you have ever been to a part of a forest with moss-covered floors and trees, you'll know that feeling of serenity, calm and coolness. I imagine the Garden of Eden to be like this.

The softness of moss that's like nature's carpet is so beautiful that contemporary designers have taken it as inspiration in their work. It's really a wonderful way of bringing something green into an urban space instead of growing plants or trees. I'm hoping to see some of KL's concrete walls covered in moss soon.
Moss covered walls by Norwegian design studio Pushak via Craft:

Moss Room restaurant, California via Metropolis Mag

Moss growing on volcanic rock wall, Iceland via Lushe

Letter B made of moss via Mamateur


  1. Make the world green again. It is beautiful to see, is it hard to maintain those greens?

  2. Hi Eva, Moss usually thrive in cooler climate, so I've been told. There are certain species that grow quite well under air-conditioning in Malaysia and require very little watering. Best to check with your local nursery :-)

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