Friday, April 22, 2011

Anya Hindmarch's Royal Wedding Kit

Just about every girl who I've known dreamt of being a princess. Dreams do come true, at least for Kate Middleton who is soon to wed the seriously charming Prince William.

Several companies have been cashing in on the big day of the much celebrated royal couple. There are mugs, t-shirts, posters and such printed with the dashing couple's faces being sold but none are more delightful than Anya Hindmarch's wedding kit. Packaged in a limited edition Anya Hindmarch tote, it contains a British flag incorporated with a "W&K" logo, heart shaped confetti a  a W&K tattoo.

Splendid, Anya Hindmarch, splendid!

* Image via Anya Hindmarch's website

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hidden Light by Giha Woo of Korea

Another brilliant Asian design discovery...the Hidden Light chair by Giha Woo from South Korea.

An inconspicuous chair that looks like this

turns out to be more than meets the eye. It's a 2-in-1 chair with a detachable top piece that's actually a task light and it is big enough to seat both mother and child.

Take some time to browse through the rest of Giha Woo's designs in his website. There aren't a lot of furniture but you will be fascinated by his practical and cutting edge industrial designs.

* Images via Giha Woo Design

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jarrod Lim - The New Mid-Century Modern Designer

It always makes me proud to see an award winning designer from Asia, especially South East Asia. Jarrod Lim is no exception. Based in Singapore, his work has been exhibited in the world's most prominent shows and have bagged a series of awards.

Jarrod's style is much inspired by mid-century modern designs and I've been a huge fan and follower since the first time I saw his work.
New from Jarrod Lim
Idle Rocking Chair
Butler Table
Interlock Coatstand
Century Table - solves the problem of hanging bags or umbrellas on the table's legs
Collar Magazine Rack

* All images courtesy of Jarrod Lim Design

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome Sign for Guests

Make your guests feel special with a personalized welcome note that greets them as they enter your home.When you're not receiving guests, use the chalkboard as a notice board for your family or simply a place to leave sweet messages like "Smile and have a fab day". 
Entrance foyer wallpaper in Ferm's Birds on Branches via Clever Spaces

Thursday, April 7, 2011

From the Runway to Your Home

Some of my favourite fashion designers are spreading their design wings from the runway to homes of fashion followers. It's hard enough to resist a piece of their luxury ready-to-wear creations, then you see a humble looking yet exorbitantly priced homeware with the designer's magic lure, convince yourself that you need it and all will power goes down the drain. I'm a huge sucker for designer homeware and always manage to find excuses to need them and more of them.

Then, there are these fabulously chic designers who turn homeware into objects of desire and cast that same spell that draws a girl to empty her savings on a Chanel handbag.

From wrap dresses to home collections...Diane von Furstenberg
Left: DVF tableware, Right: DVF Bedding via The Fashion Wire
More DVF tableware via Midwest Home

Before debuting her own line of home collections, Diane von Furstenberg designed a range of carpets for London based The Rug Company.
Climbing Leapord rug for The Rug Company

Vivienne Westwood
Fashion with a little whimsy, Vivienne Westwood collaborates with the finest home furnishing companies to create one of the most recognisable designs of this generation. 
Vivienne Westwood wallpaper for Cole & Son via The Frisky

Left: Love Heart rug; Right: Westwood cushion; Both from The Rug Company

Alexander McQueen
Known for his edgy and feminine chic style, Lee Alexander McQueen puts his signature on the rugs and cushions designed for The Rug Company.
Cushions designed by Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company via Fashion Me Fabulous
Left to right: Hummingbird, Skull Black, Skull Gold

Rugs designed by Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company via Fashion Me Fabulous
Left to right: Feathers, Hummingbird, Military Brocade

Trina Turk
Breezy summery Trina Turk style and her signature prints are showcased in her home collection throw pillows, duvet covers, towels and candles.
Flagship Trina Turk Residential store via Simplified Bee

Vibrant colours and patterns via Simplified Bee

Kate Spade
Adding another feather to her cap, Kate Spade is launching her new home collection that will feature tabletop, bedding and bath. The home collection section of the website isn't ready yet but here's a sneak peak:
Cheerful chic bedding via Something Brue
Feast your eyes out on these gorgeous tabletop via Decor8

There's a long list of other designers who have successfully launched their home collections line, the earlier ones being Ralph Lauren, Missoni, Hermes, Kenzo and Versace

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dedon Nestrest

Dedon is one of those brands that I've never quite had an appreciation for until I saw this...
In a world of your own via Dedon

A joint collaboration with designers Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, the Nestrest resembles an over-sized bird’s nest, offering 'suspended sanctuary'. What an ideal way to unwind in the seclusion of a swinging lounger.
Nestrest Hanging lounger  chalk
Hanging like huge pieces of fruit via Dedon

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