Friday, October 29, 2010

Children's Room with a View

Børneværelse med Udsigt in Danish translates to "children's room with a view" in English. Thanks to Google Translator, I was able to read the the contents of this blog owned by Eva Richter Nissen, a designer specializing in children's rooms.

Kids' rooms are possibly one of the most fun spaces to design, yet difficult because we don't usually allocate a lot of space for them and the design has to be suitable from their young years through to their teens. Eva is incredibly creative and you can see it in the design of her youngest child's bedroom. It is only 2 metres wide but has a high ceiling which she exploited by placing the bed above the door way.
View of one end of the room via Bornevaerelse Med Udsight. Also spotted here is the Mushroom wallsticker from Ferm Kids

The cupboard is neatly placed below the bed and shelves are cleverly integrated with the ladder.
Bookshelf under the ladder via Bornevaerelse Med Udsight

There's even room for a drum kit. Talk about good space planning!
View of the other end of the room via Bornevaerelse Med Udsight

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