Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're in Singapore's Square Rooms Magazine

Hello Singapore!

Singapore, once a part of Malaysia is now an independent country with a land size that's a fraction of Malaysia. She has thrived year on year since her independence and flourished into a prosperous country that their citizens are proud to call home.

Rivalry naturally arise when compared with our closest and high achieving neighbour - which country has the biggest shopping mall, the prettiest women, the tallest building, the best talents, etc. We get a huge sense of achievement when we win over our neighbour. Personally, I think we win hands down in the food department. Sorry Singapore, your bak-kut-teh and wantan mee is still lagging behind.

Food and rivalry aside, I am extremely happy to see some Ferm Living items featured in the latest issue of Singapore's Square Rooms magazine. This issue focuses on the room that we spend most of our hours at home, that is our bedroom.

Thank you to the team in Square Rooms for sharing the wallpaper and wallsticker love with the rest of Singapore.


  1. Very nice wallpaper

  2. The wallpaper shown in Square Rooms magazine is Wilderness in black by Ferm Living. Details can be found here:

    The wallsticker on the right is Flora in violet, also by Ferm Living:


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