Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich

It's been a pretty crazy few weeks and I'm finally able to find time for my beloved blog. I'm anticipating that the pace of things will spike very soon and I if I do neglect this blog again, I promise you it's for a good reason and I will reveal the secret once things are in place.

While perusing through some design blogs, this office space of a bank in Zurich caught my eye. I'm not one for modernist designs but I really liked this non-conformist approach for a bank.

Pictures of past members of the bank are etched into the Hi-Mac walls using digital production. It's a far more interesting way to keep the memories of an individual than putting their photos up on walls.
Skim Milk: Raiffeisen Bank by NAU
Portraits milled into Hi-Mac walls

And get this high-tech security solution...robots access and retrieve safety deposit boxes! I wonder what they'd do if they came upon an intruder. Are they also trained to fire at them?

Computer terminals are neatly concealed into furnishing elements. It's a cool idea and I'm all for seamlessness between technology and interior furnishing but what happens when it's time for a technology upgrade?

Skim Milk: Raiffeisen Bank by NAU
Concealed terminals

Nothing in this office is really straight. There are curves in every corner including the ceiling. The pendant lights by Tom Dixon add a touch of fun and glamour to the space, and ironically rejecting the impression of banks being unstylish. Adding to that, the nude-tan-earthy colour of the chairs is very today yet very timeless.
Skim Milk: Raiffeisen Bank by NAU
Meeting room with Tom Dixon's Mirror Ball pendant lights

Skim Milk: Raiffeisen Bank by NAU
Round edges and organic curves consistent throughout the design and furnishing

* All images are from Design Milk

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