Saturday, May 14, 2011

Combating the Heat

Those of you living in Peninsular Malaysia will agree with me that the dry spell, heat wave and haze earlier this week was becoming close to unbearable. Malaysia is supposed to be a tropical country with plenty of rainfall throughout the year but there has been little of it recently. We need it so bad right now to bring down the temperature and clear the haze that has turned our skyline grey.
Blurred visibility of KL skyline earlier this week via The Star

I work from a little study in my home with large windows and a gorgeous view of a communal garden that I share with other residents in my gated community. Sounds lovely, but I suffer tremendously from this west facing room. Starting from noon each day, the sun fully exposes herself into the room. Whilst the windows are shielded by thick blinds, it is also absorbing the heat from the sun and radiating it into my room which produces more heat.

What are the solutions to fend off some of the sun rays without blasting the AC all afternoon? You could plant a tree to shade your window or you could tint your windows. I'm going for the second option. From my brief research, I found that automotive tinting companies such as LLumar and Huper Optik are able to tint your home windows with the same type of film that they use for cars.

There are many other window shield and tinting brands in the market so choose wisely. Go for those with warranty and understand the components in the films. From what has been explained to me, those made with china and ceramic are superior. If you have a different opinion to this, feel free to comment in this blog or email me. I'm speaking on behalf of Malaysians when I say that we are all looking for ways to keep our cool in a most energy efficient manner.

* Some images are from unknown sources. Please email me if it belongs to you and I'll happily credit you for it.

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