Monday, July 19, 2010

Professional Wallpaper Installation

Do you find wallpapering daunting? Leave it to the professionals. Here's a sneak preview of wallpaper professionals at work. The wallpaper model used here is Floral 100 by Florence Broadhurst.

Wallpaper strips are cut to fit the height of the wall with matching patterns on adjacent strips. 

Walls are scraped to remove loose and uneven materials.

Rough walls require a layer of skim coat to smoothen the surface. This step is absolutely necessary when mounting shiny wallpaper where ridges and bumps are easily visible. It takes a few days for the skim coat to completely dry off.

We're ready to resume work with the wallpaper when the wall skim coat is completely set. Glue is applied on the back of the wallpaper.

Some professionals may choose to apply glue directly on the wall. This method is also perfectly fine.

Wallpaper strips are pasted with great attention to pattern matching and ensuring that the strips look seamless next to each other.

Professionals know exactly how to negotiate their way around difficult corners. 

Finally, any visible bubbles in the wallpaper are removed with a plastic sweep.

The end result - instant pep and a brand new look that couldn't have been achieved with paint or any wall application other than wallpaper.

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