Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Other Woman - Cars

This post is specially dedicated to my husband who is a car enthusiast. Through the years that I've known him, he has on a few occasions chosen cars over me. Some women are widowed by golf, I am by cars. If my husband had it his way, he would bring his other love into our home like this:
Image via Cabbage Rose


  1. don't give him ideas. now he might just start thinking about it

  2. Imgaine that...i'd be fighting for space with a sexy fast runner.

  3. For all you know, that idea may have already implanted in him for a while. It could be a matter of time before he materializes it.

    Funny one

  4. We don't actually have enough space in our living room for a car, unless he changed to a Kancil? :-)


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