Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Versatility of a Scarf

When asked what my style is, I'd say it leans towards bohemian. I live in a place where it's hot throughout the year but I never gave up finding ways to use a scarf.

Love the long and glittery piece on Paris.

Nicole Richie wears it with a side swept fringe.

Wear it as a head wrap or simply tie it loosely around the neck.

Not forgetting our men...wrap it once around the neck and tuck it into your shirt. Hubba hubba!

* Images courtesy of, Coquette and Million Looks.


  1. I love scarves too and only get to wear them mostly in the winter because I live in Florida and it is WAYA too hot most of the time for any unnecessary garments! But you gotta love a man with the confidence to wear a scarf...

  2. There's so much more that we can do with a scarf...tie it as a huge ribbon in a ponytail, use it as a belt or a cute bow on the handles of a bag.


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