Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Your Style Challenge

I love challenges and I love seeing the individual styles of design bloggers around the world. Ally, the author of From the Right Bank is having a "What's your Style in One Picture Challenge". It's the third time that Ally is hosting this challenge and I'm participating in it for the first time.

This picture of Nanette Lepore's living room says a lot about my style. It's eclectic, uses shots of strong colours, invaluable flea market finds, vintage furniture (Hans J. Wegner's Papa Bear chair being a favourite) and if only I could get my hands on that chandelier...

The townhouse was decorated by one of my favourite designers Jonathan Adler and the dressing room that he designed for Nanette Lepore is to die for. Does that sum up why this picture is absolutely my style?

Thank you Ally for setting up this challenge.

* Image courtesy of Elle Decor


  1. that room is amazing, and those antique ship chandeliers are to die for -- there was one on 1st dibs a few weeks ago but I wasn't willing to mortgage my house to buy it.

    Love your room!

  2. I have always loved this room. I think it is partly because of the kicky portrait above the mantle. JA's style is perfection here, in my opinion. I do love that guy.

    Enjoyed seeing your room very much!

  3. Hi, Amelia! I have always loved this room too. The color scheme is what really drew me in at first then you start noticing all the great pieces. There are so many pretty things in it! In case you don't already know, there was a knock-off of this chandelier at Z Gallerie a while back but I don't know if they have it anymore or ship international. It might be worth checking. Thanks for participating in my challenge! It's nice to discover your blog. (I may email you for some KL tips for a trip this fall.) :)

  4. Fabulous choice! Lots to love with the color scheme and fun accessories.

  5. OMG! My heart skipped a beat at the sight of that chandelier! I have NEVER seen anything like it! Great room choice :)
    <3 Cara

  6. Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments. I'm quite a newbie when it comes to blogging and it's wonderful to know there are people from across the globe reading it.

    Ally, thanks for the shopping tip. Unfortunately, Z Gallerie doesn't ship out of US. Feel free to drop me an email I'll answer any question you have about KL.

  7. I love the colors and the sense of humor. It's elegant and light hearted. Great choice!

  8. Got to leave it to JA to put something like this together.


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