Thursday, January 19, 2012

Danish Vintage

These gorgeous 1960's vintage furniture from Denmark have just arrived in our showroom. I have hand-picked each piece of furniture and specifically chose rosewood pieces for its rarity and beauty. 

It is now prohibited to harvest Brazilian rosewood that a lot of the mid-century Danish furniture were made from. Genuine Brazilian rosewood can be found in Brazil and also parts of Africa. It is a slow growing tree and takes over a hundred years to reach maturity. The sweet floral scent of Brazilian rosewood is distinctive and it becomes stronger in more mature woods. Just put your nose to the furniture and you will be able to smell it.

The graining of true Brazilian rosewood is rich and interesting. There are lots of 'eyes' and the colours are vibrant with a range of deep chocolate brown and burnt orange shades and black lines running through. 
Rosewood grains are richly hued with dark veining

Danish vintage dining tables can typically be extended with an additional panel known as a 'leaf'. Some tables are designed to be extended with two or three leaves making it super convenient for occasions when you need more space at the table.
Extendable dining table with 1 leaf. Chairs (also rosewood) designed by Arne Vodder

Rosewood dining table with 1 large leaf. Chairs designed by the legendary Borge Mogensen.

106's Teak sideboard

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