Monday, January 24, 2011

Chinese Charm

Starting on the 3rd of February, every Chinese person around the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. This is a time when families from far and near come together to celebrate the most important event of the Lunar calendar. Celebrations begin with the reunion feast on the night of the eve of the new year and the festivity goes on for the next 15 days with visits to homes of relatives and old friends.

In the weeks before Chinese New Year, homes are spring cleaned, some re-renovated and most decorated, traditionally with red lanterns, red packets hanging from plants, plum blossom trees and a red cloth above the main door symbolizing an auspicious day.

Food is also an important part of Chinese New Year. My mother lovingly cooked for our guests every year and stocked up on various types of snacks that children happily indulged in. Chinese New Year is one of the happiest times of the year as we all waft in the spirit of giving, sharing and reminiscing.

Yes, Chinese New Year decorations and Chinese food are in my mind...
Oriental decorated terrace via Maison Boheme

Oriental-Bohemian bedroom (source unknown)

Murals or Chinese pagodas via OhDeeDoh

Blue Chinese dining room (source unknown)

Birdcage mirror via Angel at my Table

Reunion dinner in 2010 cooked by my mother-in-law

* Some images are from unknown sources. Please email me if it belongs to you and I'll happily credit you for it.

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