Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello! I'm finally back from the 9 day tour around Egypt. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and toyed with the idea of spending a few more days exploring Cairo on my own but 9 days was the most that I could be apart from my babies. 

Egypt is strategically located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Sudan is located south of Egypt, the Sahara desert is in the west and the Nile river cuts right through. The country is rich in its history, with the oldest civilization known to man that dates back 4,000 years, as it is also rich in culture. It is a melting pot of Roman influence, Arabic heritage and African beliefs...all of which were vaguely familiar to me until my visit. 

Save for the part where I left the Egypt guide book in the tour bus and losing the sleeve of a foldable umbrella that I bought from Taipei, the trip went smoothly. There's nothing more that I could wish for a holiday but a good time, sweet memories and to get back home safely.

Here are some of the eye candy (the home decor kind) that I spotted in hotels and restaurants that we patronised:
Zanzibar chest - a typical Arabic design for a chest

Close-up of the Zanzibar chest
A multitude of colourful pendant lights

Solo pendant lights hung from the beautifully painted ceiling of a restaurant

Finally, here's another kind of eye candy...cute Egyptian boys shaking like Shakira:

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